Retrofitting fans - why should I do that?

Look behind the light in your bathroom, look inside the refrigeration, look inside the air conditioning - fans are everywhere and they are the unseen power guzzler!

Using the skills and expertise of ebm-papst and together with their partners and integrators, Fans Retrofit will save you power to reduce your day to day costs.

Working in conjunction with experienced engineers we offer high efficiency alternatives to all fan products in your premises. Working together with you and your team we can deliver full replacement solutions and improve your systems.

Fans Retrofit is the hidden hero that can make dramatic changes to your unhidden running costs.

About ebm-papst

ebm-papst Australia & New Zealand are part of the ebm-papst group who are a leading global manufacturer and supplier of fans, blowers and air moving products.聽We provide a unique range of fans and blowers that are typically used throughout buildings.聽

Our EC, high efficiency fans are standard in the market and are used where end users wish to reduce their running costs and improve equipment lifetimes.

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